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Service Sales service

1) hotline support

Telephone: + 86-755-26981333 (Monday to Friday at 8:30-18:00)

Fax: + 86-755-26982688

Business service: 18938972996 (24 hours)

2) online support

The professional product technical support web site:, to provide more detailed product information, and we can send to

3)The support of

Hotline couldn't solve the problem, and online support can be provided by engineers or technicians to the scene of the user service support.

4) the warranty service

Provide free one-year product warranty.

5) escort service

Regular inspection of products, including return visit regularly, equipment inspection, equipment debugging services (escort service needs to be further charges, specific charge standard according to both sides talks things over and decide).

6) after-sales service commitment

In the process of make grinders, construction period and quality supervision of party a;

, in the process of debugging send appropriate professional and technical personnel to participate in, free technical training for technicians and operators for party a;

Warranty period is one year. Warranty period of all our problems in the engineering quality and purchased components of equipment failure, we take full responsibility; Due to operation of equipment failure, except in the replacement parts (or all) charge by party a to provide for oneself, our free service, help maintenance;

, equipment can continuous production, at least one year after the production of its running time is 99%, and not because of quality or the defect of design and production, any defects should be direct replacement equipment or to improve the way of design of remedy;

Early trial production, we provide on-site technical personnel protect;

Warranty period, after we received the written notice, within 48 hours of maintenance personnel rushed to the scene, and free replacement of parts quality problems;

, after the warranty period, we have in the device implements the lifelong service, according to the ex-factory price to provide spare parts, and regularly visit to the user, for tracking device.

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