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Jin Ting combiner box through the Golden Sun certification

Date: 2011-06-15
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 The good news came from Beijing Jianheng Certification Center, June 8 Limited Shenzhen Jin Ting new energy technologies JTPV-CB4 JTPV-CB8, JTPV-CB12, JTPV-CB16 PV combiner box passed the Beijing Jianheng certification center detection certification.

 Jin Ting New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. JTPV-CB Series PV combiner box can be simultaneously access up to 16 solar photovoltaic array with photovoltaic DC dedicated SPD, working-class, the negative-to-ground, between the positive and negative features mine-protected; equipped with photovoltaic DC fuse and professional brand of DC high voltage circuit breakers, DC withstand voltage value of not less than DC1000V safe and reliable; modular combiner box with patented technology intelligence unit, can be collected per current and outgoing side voltage circuit breakers and SPD state signal box temperature has the digital tube wheeled feature that displays the current data and fault status can be the intelligent unit manually set address, baud rate, data round election time; with Self power supply for the intelligence unit of the power supply modules, intelligent modules to provide users with wireless communication capabilities (ZigBee technology) to reduce the cost and difficulty of laying cable; box with overall bending and full welding technology, ensure a degree of protection of the box reaches IP65; spray a dedicated outdoor Akzo powder surface preservative treatment, and the cabinet have good anti-rust and anti-salt spray function, to meet the requirements of outdoor installation.

 "Golden Sun" certification by the Beijing Jianheng Certification Center implementation of solar photovoltaic products, wind power and solar thermal utilization in areas such as certification mark, the current domestic and international renewable the certification brand one of the most watched in the energy industry. . According to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Energy Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on the implementation of the Golden Sun Demonstration Project, the only use of solar photovoltaic products certified by the" Golden Sun ", in order to apply for a national" Golden Sun Project "financial subsidies, and also as the certification basis for the project tender

 Kim Ting, Shenzhen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional committed to the research and development of new energy products, sales and system integration of high-tech enterprises, the well-known domestic companies and institutions to provide medium-sized photovoltaic power station, small grid / off-grid the total package of photovoltaic power generation system, BIPV project, design, system integration and engineering services; company is committed to technological innovation and talent innovation for customers, "green energy, sunlight mission, vision, has introduced high-quality, high-performance, safe and reliable products.

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