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PV power plant remote monitoring

Date: 2013-11-30
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As the new energy scale solar power station construction and put into operation in succession, need focus on the operation situation of photovoltaic power station monitoring, storage, analysis, display, and other functions, to master the photovoltaic power station operation management and operation experience, economic operation of photovoltaic power station and the future of photovoltaic power station design to provide substantial scientific basis.

Existing photovoltaic power station monitoring system is mainly composed of different local manufacturers, mainly from their respective system architecture, some of the power station running parameter monitoring, it is difficult to achieve the unity of the man-machine interface, also can't fault diagnosis based on certain information and judgments. In addition, a large power station will adopt different vendor products, these products of different manufacturers cannot be compatible with each other, causing a system of "detached island".

Therefore, an urgent need to build a unified set of remote diagnostic monitoring system, realize the subordinate multiple photovoltaic power station in different manufacturers, different categories, different models of inverter, photovoltaic cells components, junction box, microcomputer protection equipment management, implementation of subordinates complete and unified the real-time monitoring of multiple photovoltaic power station, operation management and fault diagnosis.

The construction goal of this scheme includes the following several aspects:

1) building photovoltaic power station monitoring equipment of the unified management platform

2) realize the unification of the power station equipment operation monitoring, centralized management of data, for operators and maintenance personnel, management personnel to provide comprehensive, convenient and differentiated data and services;

3) become load-bearing system of power station equipment, for the planning of power plant equipment, new equipment access carrier;

4) to establish a unified database, all sorts of professional monitoring system for monitoring platform and other data services.

5) integrate all kinds of monitoring data, realize the differentiation of different personnel service

6) the operation personnel, management personnel, maintenance staff, leadership and other personnel to provide a different user interface, presentation, data, information, etc. In all kinds of personnel after logging in, you can see their most concerned content, provide differentiated services.

7) for operators to provide equipment state information, alarm information, real-time data such as data application service;

8) provide management with the change trend of all kinds of monitoring data and status information, fault diagnosis and other application service;

9) for the maintenance staff to provide the alarm information, trends, fault wave record data and application services.



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