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Household energy storage system solutions

Date: 2016-04-11
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Jin Ting and off-grid energy storage system is integrated by my company independent development of a solar energy storage power supply system, mainly by the solar energy battery components and energy storage components, energy storage part includes batteries, inverter, controller, etc. Divided into pure off-grid system, off-grid system and grid feedback system, and for an unpowered area, has set the grid individual households, communities, units, such as the provision of economic and environmental protection and energy saving building strong power support.

The characteristics of

1: grid energy storage systems, PV power from the storage to the battery, spontaneous for self-use, redundant power supply online.

2: advanced power management system, power grid blackout, quick to take off the net, start UPS function to ensure power supply continuity. And the grid-connected PV power can be set free

3: load power supply priorities for PV, battery packs. The second is the mains power supply. When the battery pack without power PV weak current when the PV and mains supply power to load when no PV batteries to power a load, part of the feed.

4: advanced battery management system, dynamic data real-time acquisition batteries, through the CAN communication BMS system, battery management, ensure consistency to extend the service life of the battery.

5: apply to various occasions, configurable li-ion battery, lead acid, such as all kinds of batteries. Special charging curve, make batteries have long cycle life, high discharge depth and excellent security features, good temperature characteristic, as well as to the environmental pollution, etc.

6: integration solutions with beautiful, convenient installation, free maintenance and other characteristics, to adapt to all kinds of electricity environment.

Application field area without electricity, there is the personal home users of electricity area, community, etc.



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