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Electric car charging station

Date: 2016-03-11
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A. distribution monitoring

Distribution monitoring main distribution system of data acquisition and processing, alarm processing, sequence of events recording and accident recall, control and operation and management, online statistics calculation, image display, print TAB, man-machine interface, communication interface, the system of self-diagnosis and the recovery and maintenance functions, rights management, etc

B. charging monitoring

Charging monitoring functions include: charging system data acquisition and processing, alarm processing, charge and discharge the event log, the event sequence recording and accident recall, control and operation and management, online statistics calculation, image display, print TAB, man-machine interface, remote function, communication interface, self-diagnosis and the recovery and maintenance function of the system, rights management, etc.

Ø data acquisition and processing

Charger information: input and output voltage, current, power, power factor, temperature and charging time, charging current mode, the doors open and close status, charging gun coupling condition, charging machine fault state, etc.

The battery information: basic information, single battery voltage, battery pack group temperature, battery voltage, battery monomer fault state, battery management system set up information, etc. System according to the collected data to calculate the maximum voltage, minimum voltage in the battery pack monomer, the maximum temperature and minimum temperature, battery capacity and other statistical information, and provide the limit alarm and exception alarm:

Ø management functions

Energy coordination and management: according to the real operation condition of power quality and the current equipment, on each charger in the station operation setting parameters and running status of adjustment, the coordination and management to achieve energy system. User transaction information management: the user account of consumer information and manage vehicle charging process information, such as the amount of residual current, charging history. Card corresponding to the vehicle information management, and related battery packs and monomer battery number of information management, the history of charging current voltage waveform. Equipment management: monitoring and control system can automatically statistics hours of main equipment operation and action times, accident, failure frequency and the corresponding time, etc., so that assessment and reasonable arrangement of operation and maintenance plan, equipment repair to access card.

Ø control and operation

Realize the operation and control of the intelligent charging machine, including start, stop, emergency stop control; In charger to charging electric cars, according to user's choice of charging ways, automatically adjust the charger output, depending on the type of charger connected to the battery and charging characteristics, adjust the parameters in different stages of the charge, and send to charger; In the electric car battery charging to the grid, according to the scheduling command, automatic output power adjustment.

C. security monitoring

1, the recharge area of the vehicle, personnel to monitor and provide services;

2, the transformer room, control room, replace the battery preparation temperature and humidity monitoring records, lounge, etc;

3, for distributed real-time monitor the running status of charging pile, photograph anomalies and upload;

4, the abnormal situation such as fire detection and alarm, video recording, upload;

5, trespassing on the situation and report to the police.

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