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Date: 2016-02-20
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Photovoltaic (pv) in power generation refers to the top or compound, photovoltaic panels in family homes with small or micro inverter power converter process, and directly using the new energy, will be extra electricity grid. Different from the high-powered, covers an area of wide large photovoltaic power station.

Jin Ting family distributed programs

Inverter adopts the most advanced technology, long life, high efficiency, small volume, easy to maintain.

Outdoor modular design to meet the family, commercial, power plant, such as customer requirements.

The intelligent meter design, maximize your spontaneous self-use.

The output power grid power can be adjusted to achieve 0-100%.

Anytime, anywhere to monitor all of the components, junction box, inverter running state, realize the regional centralized management, operation and maintenance.

Earnings report automatically generated, easily learn investment returns.


This scheme adopts the shenzhen Jin Ting household photovoltaic system, the overall outdoor installation, high integration, installation is simple and convenient operation. Control the cost effectively. This system is the cathode protection, ac/dc lightning protection, online testing, prevent the functional characteristics, such as countercurrent is perfect for small household system.




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